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Doublecheck for Jira Service Management

Built exclusively for Jira, our flagship solution Doublecheck for Jira Service Management enables you to double check whether you want to send a comment to a customer. In Jira Service Desk the default setting for commenting is "Respond to customer" which may result in accidental, unwanted communication being sent to a customer.  The repercussions of this can be severe, and even in Jira you might want to ensure that comments are staying in the right team.

With Doublecheck For Jira Service Management, we ensure you can “Keep Your Internal Comments Internal”.

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Confirm to comment to customer - edit issue

Confirmation Prompting

Doublecheck confirmation in edit issue

Default Option For Internal Comments

Set "internal comments" as the default option

Default Option for Internal Comments
Granular configurability for admins

Granular Configurability For Admins

Specify where you need it, for specific projects, issue types, and even customize the message for the dialogue

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Accxia-US was founded to develop and expand risk and regulatory solutions in the Jira ecosystem. Bringing 10+ years experience in software and corporate development we strive to provide our customers with products that meet their needs.

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